History of Oaky Grove Church

Oaky Grove Church was organized August 5, 1818, under the name of "Gum Log," by Elders Benjamin Manning and Jordan Smith, Charter Johnson, Michael Lightner, Ely Yates, Isaac Norris, John Taylor, Joseph Brantley, Thomas Fennel, Abner Sanford, Allen White; Sisters Milly Johnson, Rebecca Swain, Catherine Yates, Charlotte Johnson, Dorcas Johnson, Patience Powell, Susannah Davis and Lucy St. John.

In May 1820, the church agreed to the report of the committee, "to build the new meeting house below the public road on the north side of the Ohoopee River.  The house to be built of hewed logs, size 22 X 30'. "  About this time, the monthly meeting was changed from the first Sunday to the fourth Sunday in each month.  July was chosen as the time for its annual meeting.

In July 1874, Lanier Powell gave the church land to build a new building.  The church accepted the land and decided to build a new and larger building.

The present church building was begun in 1903 and completed in 1907.

In the early 50's, the church began holding worship services twice each month, on the second and fourth Sundays.  Also during this time, Bible Study was organized and was held every Sunday morning.  In 1958, a brick, two-story annex was built.  The building had an assembly-dining room with kitchen area and rest rooms on the ground floor and five classrooms on the second floor.  In the late 60's, the church voted to have worship services every Sunday with the exception of each fifth Sunday.  In 1978, the church began the process of building the pastorium next to the church facility.

The present pastor, Dr. Tom Akins became the pastor of Oaky Grove in 1997.  Soon following, the church decided to have church services every Sunday morning as well as every Wednesday evening.  

Work began in 2004 on the Family Life Center facility.  The facility has a large fellowship dining area, a large-spacious kitchen, storage area, bathrooms, a nursery, and classrooms.

The church called Youth Pastor Jamey Toler to begin on November 2005.  Also, Jamey serves as Worship Leader.  Jamey was ordained into the ministry as a pastor by our pastor, Dr. Tom Akins on Friday, January 25, 2008.

Pastors who have served:  Benjamin Manning, Jordan Smith, Isaac Norris, David Lamb, William Norris, Edward Riner, Daniel Tyson, Swain Norris, Henry Meeks, Joel Anerson, J.N. Smith, W.J. Brown, Joseph Kersey, W.A. Lamb, T.W. Sikes, W.B. Screws, W.H. Crouse, S.M. Claxton, A.L. Brannen, Jr., Eugene Price, Maurice Riner, H.C. Stubs, Huey Glisson, Jerry Newsome, Audley Nichols, and Dr. Tom Akins

Preachers ordained:  Isaac Norris, Joseph Brantley, William Norris, J.J. Steptoe, Woodrow Beasley, Lee B. Price, Jamey Toler

History of Church (1818 - Present)